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Club Races
Fyans Creek 43.5km Handicap
Sunday 25th November 2018

The Field

  peter mayo
  Peter Mayo

Sean Prins, Frank Kean and Peter Wemyss

7.30 minutes
Edwin Irvine, Danny Monaghan and Drew Heard

13.30 minutes
Kevin Grellet, Crystal Wemyss and John McIntyre.

28 minutes
Peter Mayo and Ross Lumley

How the Race Unfolded.
It was a day where no bunch caught any other, but one got very close. Limit was always gong to be an unknown, with both riders not having raced in some time, and they went much better than expected. At the turn all bunches were up on expected handicaps due to a tail wind part of the way, but limit were one and a half kilometers per hour up, while the other bunches were one kilometer per hour or just under up on expected average.

On the return journey the two limit riders mostly maintained their advantage, only dropping abouty .2kph, while all the other bunches dropped .5 or more kilometers per hour.

Peter Mayo rode away from Ross Lumley in the final few kilometers to win easily from Lumley, who finished 45 seconds in front of third placed John McIntyre. Fourteen seconds later Edwin Irvine was first home from second scratch, 56 seconds in front of the first scratch rider, Frank Kean.

Race Results
1st Peter Mayo
2nd Ross Lumley
3rd John McIntyre
4th Edwin Irvine

Winners Time
Peter Mayo - 1 hour 32 minutes 40 seconds
Average speed of 28.17kph

Fastest Time
Frank Kean - 1 hour 8 minutes 50 seconds
Average speed of 37.91kph

Averages at the turn (25.5km)
Limit - 28.46kph
2nd limit - 32.9kph
2nd scratch -35
Scratch - 38.73kph

Averages at Finish
Limit - 28.17kph
2nd limit - 32.15kph
2nd scratch -34.61
Scratch - 37.91kph

Weather Conditions
South south westerly wind.






Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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