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Women 30 years and older and men 35 years and older are eligible to join the VCV.

All riders must be current VCV members. Two free try out races (within a 30 day period) are available to those who have not raced with the Vets in the last 5 years.

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VCV Open races can be entered online via the VCV Website

Entries can now only be done online. New riders need to have completed 3 club races before you can enter an Open.


Club Races
Stawell Racecourse 40.5km Handicap
Sunday 13th May 2018

The Field

  Danny Monaghan

Frank Kean, Malcolm Hayes, and Sean Prins.

5 minutes
Danny Monaghan, Drew Heard and Dean Hayward

18.45 minutes
Kevin Grellet, Alan Barnett and Peter Mayo.

How the Race Unfolded.
The two limit riders were caught on the Bungil's Cave hill, about 5km from home.

Second scratch riders were caught by scratch only about 400m from the line, with second scratch rider Danny Monaghan taking off to win the sprint from Frank Kean and Malcolm Hayes.


Race Results
1st Danny Monaghan
2nd Frank Kean
3rd Malcolm Hayes
4th Peter Mayo

Winners Time
Danny Monaghan - 1 hour 9 minutes 57 seconds
Average speed of 34.7kph

Fastest Time
Frank Kean - 1 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds
Average speed of 37.4kph









Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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Kevin Grellet
produced a winning effort for the second year running, to win the Greg Smith Memorial again in 2019.

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