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Men and Women 30 years and older are eligible to join the VCV.

All riders must be current VCV members. Two free try out races (within a 30 day period) are available to those who have not raced with the Vets in the last 5 years.

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VCV Open races can be entered online via the VCV Website

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Club Races
Wayward Hayward Big Hill 50km Handicap
Sunday 2nd December 2018

The Field

  Terri Clarke

Sean Prins and Frank Kean

3.30 minutes
Edwin Irvine, Drew Heard, Danny Monaghan and Malcolm Hayes

16 minutes
Kevin Grellet and John McIntyre

24 minutes
Ross Lumley and Terri Clarke

How the Race Unfolded.
With the race finishing on top of Stawell's Big Hill, an already tough race was made tougher by the strong, predominately westerly, wind.

Limit riders Terri Clarke and Ross Lumbley made the most of the tail wind and averaged 34kph out to the turn before Landsborough West, basically setting up the win in the first half of the race. Although all the bunches averages were high at the turn (see below), proportionally they were down a little on the limit pair, and the strong head wind home also had a levelling effect as no bunch could get the speed up much.

Over the closing stages of the race, with about 14km to go, Terri left and exhausted Ross and took off solo, chased by John McIntyre and Kevin Grellet, who were slowly closing all the time. Furher back the scratch riders Prins and Kean were also slowly drawing in the second scratch riders, especially on the hills.

With about 10km to go, Clarke still had a good lead over the the second limit pair, with a good gap back to the two back bunches. Up the final long climb into Stawell to the base of Big Hill, Clarke still held about a one and a half minute lead over McIntyre and Grellet, which closed to about 150 meters near the bottom of Big Hill. Clarke crossed the line about 55 seconds ahead of McIntyre with Grellet third.

In the meantime, scratch had worked hard and in the final kilometer of the race had caught all the second scratch riders except Edwin Irvine, who just made it to the line 8 seconds ahead of Frank Kean, who took out fastest race time.

Race Results
1st Terri Clarke
2nd John McIntyre
3rd Kevin Grellet
4th Edwin Irvine

Winners Time
Terri Clarke - 1 hour 49 minutes 07 seconds
Average speed of 27.49kph

Fastest Time
Frank Kean - 1 hour 28 minutes 14 seconds
Average speed of 34kph

Averages at the turn (25km)
Limit - 33.9kph
2nd limit - 38.85kph
2nd scratch - 40kph
Scratch - 41.28kph

Weather Conditions
Strong west to south westerly winds. Tale wind out and head wind back.






Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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