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Women 30 years and older and men 35 years and older are eligible to join the VCV.

All riders must be current VCV members. Two free try out races (within a 30 day period) are available to those who have not raced with the Vets in the last 5 years.

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Club Races
Xmas Handicap 43.5km Handicap
Sunday 10th December 2017

The Field

  Peter Mayo

Frank Kean, Sean Prins and Wayne Klauss

3 minutes 15 seconds
Aidan Leahy and Steve Monks

6 minutes 30 seconds
Edwin Irvine, Drew Heard and Dean Hayward.

14 minutes
Meg Parnaby, Alan Barnett and Ross Lumley.

25 minutes 30 seconds
Kevin Grellet and Peter Mayo.

How the Race Unfolded.
Limit riders Peter Mayo and Kevin Grellet set a good pace on the Fyans Creek course, out to the turn near the highway, coping well with the slight head wind to average 28.54kph, about half a kilometer above expected handicap time, and giving them an early advantage over the other bunches.

Second limit averaged 32kph to the turn, as expected, while the following 3 bunches were slightly under, with the mid field bunch averaging 34.8kph, second scratch averaging 36.36kph and scratch 38kph.

The wind must have favoured the return journey, as all bunches increased their averages back to the finish. Over McCracken Hill, limit still had a good lead, with second limit chasing hard. Further back the remaining 3 bunches were all closing on each other, but all were still riding strongly.

However there was no catching the limit riders, who were revelling in the relatively calm conditions and went on to win, with Peter Mayo taking line honours from Kevin Grellet. Second limit was next in, with Meg Parnaby taking third from Ross Lumley in fourth place.

Not far behind, the rest of the field were all coming together with scratch catching second scratch with about 300m to go, and the combined bunch finishing about 10 seconds behind the 6 minute riders. Frank Kean took fastest time from Sean Prins.

Race Results
1st Peter Mayo
2nd Kevin Grellet
3rd Meg Parnaby
4th Ross Lumley

Winners Time
Peter Mayo - 1 hour 22 minutes 6 seconds
Average speed of 29kph

Fastest Time
Frank Kean - 1 hour 9 minutes 39 seconds
Average speed of 38.58kph

Weather Conditions
Light variable winds.


Club Awards for 2017

Aggregate Winner - Meg Parnaby

Backmarkers Championship - Frank Kean

Most Improved Rider - no award given

Rider of the Year - no award given








Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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Meg Parnaby
held off a fast finishing hubby to take out the Landsborough West Handicap

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