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Club Races
Stawell/Campbells Bridge 50.5km Handicap
Sunday 8th November 2015

The Field

  Meg Parnaby

Peter Wemyss, Frank Kean, Geoff Richards and Sean Prins.

5 Minutes
Wayne Klauss, Crystal Wemyss, Danny Monaghan and Edwin Irvine.

8 Minutes
Drew Heard, Dean Hayward and Sean Blackie

20 Minutes
Meg Parnaby and John McIntyre


Race Results
1st Meg Parnaby
2nd Edwin Irvine
3rd Danny Monaghan
4th Dean Hayward

How the Race Unfolded.
Almost perfect conditions with virtually no wind made for fast times on an otherwise slow course, and suited the limit riders.

Limit riders Meg Parnaby and John McIntyre led off at a good pace and after 35km at Campbells Bridge still led by just over 5 minutes, having averaged 32.81kph to that point.

The second limit riders also rode will, and by Campbells Bridge had averaged 36.61kph, but had the second scratch riders only about 100 meters behind. The two bunches combined a few kilometers later, with the second scratch riders having averaged an exceptional 38.21kph to that point.

A further one and three quarter minutes behind were the scratch riders, slightly handicapped by Frank Kean only having effectively 3 gears, after his gear cable broke on the starting line, but they still managed to average 40.76kph to Campbells Bridge.

On the final climb into Stawell, all the bunches closed in, with Meg Parnaby leading by a small margin, hanging on to take out the race by 13 seconds from Edwin Irvine, Danny Monaghan and Dean Hayward.

Sean Prins took out fastest time by the smallest of margins from Peter Wemyss.

Winners Time
Meg Parnaby - 1 hour 36 minutes 32 seconds
Average speed of 31.39kph

Fastest Time
Sean Prins - 1 hour 18 minutes 27 seconds
Average speed of 38.62kph

Weather Conditions
Very light winds, more from the north or north east, but very little at all.















Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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Malcolm Hayes
made the sprint look easy, winning by a good margin to take out the Stawell Campbells Bridge Hcp.

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