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Men and Women 30 years and older are eligible to join the VCV.

All riders must be current VCV members. Two free try out races (within a 30 day period) are available to those who have not raced with the Vets in the last 5 years.

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VCV Open races can be entered online via the VCV Website

Entries can now only be done online. New riders need to have completed 3 club races before you can enter an Open.

Race Results

Club Races
King Reigns Supreme
Golfcourse Rd, Horsham - Sunday 24th June 07

  stuart king
  Stuart King

A chilly 5 degrees greeted the smaller field of riders (those brave enough to get out of their nice warm beds!) as they tried to “warm up” for the Grampians Vets Cycling Club’s 48km handicap, held last Sunday from Golfcourse Rd, Horsham.

A moderate northerly wind meant a fast start followed by a long head wind haul up the Henty Highway back to Horsham, and a tail wind for the final sprint down Golfcourse Road.

Riding off 15 minutes, limit markers Roger Williams, Larry Bales and Meg Parnaby were caught by 12 minute riders Les Power and Graeme Rooney about half way through the race, and joined forces to try to hold off the following two bunches, with Les Power once again showing his strength by doing more than his share out front.

5 minute bunch
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The 5 minute bunch worked well together to reel in the front markers with 10km to go. Left to right are Tony, Tom, Harvey and Stuart.

However, the 5 minute bunch of Tony Lloyd, Stuart King, Harvey Lang, and Tom Eldridge were gaining rapidly, and with 10 kilometres to go, had caught the front group of riders, picking up Power and Bales as they went past.

Working well together into the head wind, this group continued to hold off the scratch riders Daryl Elliott, Richard Clarke, Frank Kean, Allan Barnett and Gerard O’Brien, who tried valiantly to close the gap but were still a good minute and a half behind at the final turn down Golfcourse Road.

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The winning bunch 5km from home. Left to right riders are Tony, Stuart, Tom, Les, Harvey, Larry (and invitational rider Susie)

In the final sprint, King lead out strongly, chased by Lang, Lloyd and Eldridge, but King was too strong and won convincingly from Lang, with Eldridge getting up for third just metres from the line. Tony Lloyd was fourth with Larry Bales putting in a great effort to hang on to the bunch and finish fifth.

The scratch riders finished shortly after, with Richard Clarke winning their sprint and clocking the fastest race time of 1 hour, 16 minutes.





Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

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